Dear cat lovers, future moms and pops, usually there is a certain waiting period for getting a kitten from our cattery. We have a waiting list. When status of a kitten is 

AVAILABLE – most of times it means that several customers from our wait list have been already contacted (in order) and we are waiting to hear back from them. We usually give our customers some time to reply back to us. Our email is set up that way that we can see if notification letter about available kitten has been received and read. If we see that the letter was received but we don’t hear back we move on to the next person on the list. Those who leave their phone numbers will be additionally contacted over text message. 

There is no fee to be on our waiting list – all we need to know is what color and gender of a kitten you are interested in so we can contact you when we have a kitten for you. 


RESERVED – this kitten is no longer available. It means that deposit for this kittens has been paid, KITTEN SALE CONTRACT has been signed and this kitten will be going to his new home when time comes. Kitten may become available again only in a very rare occasion when the person who reserved this kitten changes their mind. In that case the status of the kitten will be changed to AVAILABLE

RESERVATION PENDING – either the deposit has been paid but KITTEN SALE CONTRACT hasn’t been signed yet or vice versa. It can also mean that customer paid deposit and scheduled a visit to our cattery to see kitten in person. 

OPTION – this kitten currently stays under observation of our cattery and it is very possible that we will keep the kitten for our future breeding programs. It is possible that the kitten will become available.

CATTERY RESERVE – this kitten is reserved by our cattery for future breeding, 


Prices for all our kittens vary. Price always depends on a specific kitten.

Prices for most of our kittens start from $900 and up.

Facts you need to know about our KITTENS

Our kittens have registered pedigree and meet all the standards of the British shorthair breed

Our kittens go through veterinarian checkup and are healthy and do not have any diseases

Our kittens are litter box and scratch board trained

Our kittens are socialized to live in the family and families with kids

Our kittens get all the necessary shots and are fully vaccinated to their age

Our kittens are fed only with healthy, high quality grain-free cat food

Our kittens are TICA-registered

You can come to see kittens after they turn 1 month

Kittens leave their mom and go to new home only after they get 12 weeks old

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