Persian Kittens

History of Persian Cats/Kittens

Although Persian cats have their ancestors imported from Iran to Italy, these glamorous pusses came into the vogue in the Victorian era. There is very little information known about their exact history. The Persian cats existed into two types, show and traditional.

These pets became famous in Victorian Britain and were spotted at first cat shows in the country. Initially, they had round cheeks, cobby bodies, and snub noses. Over time, these animals evolved with flat faces and long fur coats in luxurious textures. Earlier, these kitties were widely called as “Iranian Cat” and as “Shiraz Cat” in Iran.

Where Do They Love To Stay

Where exactly do Persian kitties love to stay is not a confusing question. The cats like to chill indoors and are not very fond of hanging out or walking around the street. They do not easily catch up with other breeds and behave poorly with dogs, coyotes.

Also, their luxurious coat is not meant to catch dirt, tangle up in leaves and sticks. These pets are known for keeping it really warm and cozy all the time. They want you to play with them and spend time relaxing with them on a rocking chair near the glass window.

The personality of Persian Cats

These pansy-faced pets have a very gentle, sweet, and peaceful personality that makes them blend in easily with the serene household environment. They feel secure and relaxed in a homely environment but with love and reassurance, they can even adapt to the most uninteresting home atmosphere.

Grooming of Persians Cats

They have a melodious and pleasant voice that makes you communicate more with them. Their expressive eyes and charming purrs forces you to cuddle with them at any time of the day. Their loving and caring nature attracts guests to play with them and makes them everyone’s favorite pet.

Cleaning your kitty is an integral part of owning a cat. But, if you are lucky enough to have a Persian, then bathing becomes more important. Since they are long-haired animals, they require extra care to keep the fur in good condition.

Groom your cat at least twice a week for keeping the fur in nice shape. The clipping can be a helpful tool in making your kitty’s fur look different from others and adds to their personality. The soft and fluffy touch of the coat can be achieved by simple bathing and conditioning the fur.

What to Keep in Mind While you Rehome Persian Kittens

Once you have decided to pet a Persian breed cat, there are few things you should consider. Initially, it is very important to develop an affectionate relationship with your pet. You should wisely select the fur texture and color as the lighter shades are easy to catch dirt.

Ask yourself a question if you are ready to brush your kitty regularly? The furry pets require fur brushing and grooming frequently. Also, petting a Persian cat requires a lot of costing and expenditure for bathing, vaccine, food, and maintenance.

 Maintenance of Persian Cats

These cuddlesome Persian kitties are more of indoor-pets but that does not mean that they do not get caught by foreign organisms. Excessive tearing in this breed might become a problem.

It is recommended to wipe-off your cat’s eye corners daily in order to prevent stains that form under their eyes. Also, dental hygiene plays an important role in keeping up the good health of your kitties and it can be achieved by weekly brushing them.